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Bungie’s Marathon coming to IOS

The classic sci-fi first person shooter ‘Marathon’ originally developed by Bungie Studios in 1994, and its sequel Marathon2: Durandal, are now available for the Apple iPad and iPhone.

The first Marathon features an incredible 27 mission campaign across 6 chapters, telling the story of a cyborg security officer trying to save his spaceship and a human colony from an evil invading alien race called: ‘The Pfhor’.

The story continues in the second game Durandal where the marine recieves new orders from the ships AI.

The mobile version offers the full Marathon experience as a free download featuring ultra smooth controls and gameplay. The game features an in store system which allows you to buy the “HD Mode” for $3.99 and features new high resolution textures to replace the walls, floors and liquids. The second is Master Chief Mode for $0.99 which offers the ability to start on any level, infinite ammo, all weapons, instant recharge, invulnerability and instant save.

Marathon 1 can be found here and Marathon 2: Durandal here

Edited On 19 Mar, 2012

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