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Zipper Interactive closing down?

Zipper Interactive, developer of SOCOM, MAG and the recently released Unit 13 for PS Vita, is said to be shutting down.

According to Kotaku, the Sony owned studio “is in the process of being shut down,” and that while Sony “declined to comment on the matter” to them, the site’s, “heard chatter for several days that Zipper was in the process of being hit with layoffs and a project cancellation. The scope of the layoffs appears to indicate a studio shutdown.”

We think this is sad news if true, while MAG wasn’t as well received as Sony would have liked, it was still a fantastic game which gained a loyal following. SOCOM of course has always been popular, although the last title did suffer from a few issues due to hackers. The developers last release, Unit 13 for PS Vita, is a brilliant game and one that we highly recommend if you’re interested in owning a  portable shooter.

For the sake of the staff and anyone else involved we hope this turns out to be just a rumour.

We have contacted Sony for comment.

Edited On 24 Mar, 2012

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