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Dust 514 screenshot blowout

CCP Games have released a whole load of screens for upcoming PS3 Eve Online spin-off, Dust 514.

Dust 514 is the first true free-to-play FPS on PS3, it’s based in the EVE Online Universe, with every action in the game having real consequences that ripple across the persistent universe.

“DUST 514 has everything you could want in a shooter: thrilling gameplay, spectacular graphics and an incredible strategic depth that comes from sharing the living universe of EVE Online,” says CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson. “DUST 514 embodies the passion and creativity the world has come to expect from CCP, and we think PlayStation 3 owners will be amazed at the opportunity to play such a groundbreaking new game of this calibre for free.”

Check out the new screens below.

Edited On 26 Mar, 2012

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