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LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars review

LEGO Star Wars III has arrived on the 3DS and to be honest it’s probably one of the best titles to have launched alongside the machine. Whether you play this one in 2D or 3D you are in for a real treat, but why is it so good? Let’s explore.

Essentially LEGO Star Wars III on the 3DS is the same quality title that has made the previous two games so popular; it has a mix of cute graphics, fantastic humour, and gameplay that would keep even the most FPS hardened veteran hooked for hours.

Clone Wars basically spans the entire era of the genre, including seasons 1 and 2 of the TV series.  During the game you will find yourself in all manner of situations, whether it’s being ambushed as Yoda, fighting through various levels with other Clone Wars characters or taking part in X-Wing (remember that game?) inspired space battles.

Most of the levels are really what you will have come to expect from the LEGO Star Wars series, basically you go in, take down enemies with your lightsaber (or cannon depending what character you choose) ,  solve the simple puzzles and find unlockables (such as minikits, red bricks).

The combat is much of the same as before, you just head towards the bad guys and take them all out with a few swipes, which obviously results in bits of LEGO flying everywhere. The puzzles meanwhile are fairly standard stuff, most of which require the use of the force to build something or pull something apart, although occasionally you will have to make use of troopers and heavy troopers skills in order to pull items from the wall or blow them up.

There are a few new tricks up the games sleeve, for example you can now use all new abilities such as making use of your lightsaber to climb walls and there is also a new Jedi Force leap, which can be used by jumping from certain platforms. Essentially Lego Star Wars III is the same game as previous titles, having you switch between characters to perform various tasks and also allowing you to go back in Freeplay mode with different characters in order to collect everything.

Being LEGO Star Wars there is certainly of collecting to do, therefore you will find yourself doing everything in your power to collect coins is order to get true Jedi status, you’ll be looking to complete the mini kits, therefore allowing you to view what you have built in the hub world (which acts as an interactive menu). You will also want to find the red bricks, so that you can check out some of the awesome mini-games which the game has to offer.

The mini games included, which involve things such as Snowball fights and Droid Volleyball,  are pretty good fun, although these remain locked until you find the red bricks in each level (which is easier said than done), Other extras within the Hub allow you to visit the shop to buy new characters and as within previous games there is the ability to customise your character with various Lego parts.

It has to be said that LEGO Star Wars on the 3DS is a pretty stunning looking game, considering previous games on the DS weren’t exactly lookers, this is a very big upgrade and it’s all the better for it. The game does of course come with 3DS effects, making the cutscenes which gel the levels together look fantastic, although during the game itself I personally found myself turning the 3D off completely as it didn’t work quite as well for me, although that’s a personal preference.

There are a few strange omissions to the game, such as the lack of co-op mode, which is absent despite the 3DS’s support for all aspects of multiplayer. This is a real shame because co-op is what LEGO Star Wars done better than most, with its genius drop-in, drop-out gameplay and also the fun that could be had by chopping your friends into pieces.

The main reason this game is so great though is the variety in the levels and the sense of humour it has, watching the cutscenes always brings a smile to your face, while some moments during the levels themselves (such as the appearance of a duck shooting range), will just have you scratching your head in amazement.

To me, by far and away the best level is the X-Wing (why has no-one remade this classic game?) inspired, Destroy Malevolence. The action here is just such great fun as you fly your ship around, shooting at enemy craft and blowing up set objectives, to be honest I just wish the game could have been full of levels like this, although it’s not too shabby with the levels it has already.

LEGO Star Wars is a fantastic game for all the family; it’s got good variety, doesn’t take itself too seriously and most importantly of all is great fun to play. If you are looking for a title for everyone on your 3DS then you won’t go far wrong with this one.

Rating: Excellent

You can order your copy of LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars here.

Edited On 30 Mar, 2011

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