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PS3 owners rent Battlefield 3 servers; latest patch detailed

Dice and EA have announced that PlayStation 3 Battlefield 3 players are being given the opportunity to rent their own dedicated server.

Going live from today is the option to rent your own server and play the game your way. This means that is you want to enable friendly fire or only allow spawning on your squad leader, then you can. You’ll also be able to do all manner of other things that previously you couldn’t even consider. Sounds fun huh?

You’ll be able to rent servers for periods of one day (€1.49), seven days (€6.99), 30 days (€24.99), or 90 days (€59.99). EA is expecting large demand for rented servers, however it will be increasing capacity, so if you don’t manage to rent one straight away, it’ll only be a matter of time before you can.

To go along with the rent-able servers, DICE is also rolling out 1gb worht of fixes and a whole manner of other new features, you can check these out here.

Edited On 27 Mar, 2012

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