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Rumour: PS4 nicknamed Orbis, doesn’t play pre-owned games

Update: We have found something interesting on the website of Coques Design. Here we see some sketches for the companies client (Sony), for new ‘PlayStation Orbis Features.’ We have posted these images below in case they are removed.

Looking at the images, they seem to suggest that Orbis could be some sort of service, or even a camera (possibly the answer to Kinect). They could also point to one of the features of the next system.

Original: Kotaku’s posted up a rumour suggesting that the next PlayStation is codenamed ‘Orbis,’ while also revealing details of what’s under the hood.

According to the site’s ‘unnamed source,’ the new console will sport an AMD x64 CPU and an AMD Southern Islands GPU, making it as powerful as the high end PC’s which are set to hit later this year. An AMD CPU has been rumoured previously, so this at least is not new.

Other rumours suggest that a restrictive DRM system will be in place, meaning that purchased Blu-Ray games will be locked to your PSN account. This means that anyone buying a second hand game won’t be able to use it and will instead be limited to a trial. If the owner of the second hand game wants to unlock the full title then apparently they’ll need to pay a fee. This is similar to the system that’s being bounded around for the next Xbox.

Game’s will be available on both Blu-Ray or via the PS Store on day one, while it’s also being suggested that you may require an ‘always on’ connection in order to play either format (we can’t see this being true). If this is true then we’d hope the current erratic schedule for PSN Maintenance is looked at.

Finally it’s also being suggested that there will be no backwards compatibility in early or future models, unlike the PS3 launch systems.

Orbis will be out ‘holiday 2013,’ with a reveal coming at this year’s E3 according to the source. Although we still think a 2013 reveal is more likely, we wouldn’t argue with the release date.

So what’s backing up this rumour apart from the source? Well, for one SCE subdomain orbis.scedev.net can quite clearly been seen as existing. This is the portal that developers use to access resources.  Similar domains can also be seen for Vita.scedev.net and its codename NGP.scedev.net.

Also Orbis means ‘light’ or ‘circle’ in Latin, which Kotaku suggests when placed next to Vita, could mean ‘Circle of Life. This Kotaku says, could mean that Orbis is actually the name of the next PlayStation.

Interestingly, Orbis was also named in this pastebin a while back.

Could it be true? Take this with a large pinch of salt.

Edited On 28 Mar, 2012

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