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Quick Look: MotorStorm RC: Carnival Festival

MotorStorm’s addictive gameplay and its second shaving addictiveness is still making it THE PS Vita game to own. The game has already been expanded thanks to the release of the Pro-Am Festival map pack, and now have another bundle of tracks to take our mini-motors around in the Carnival Festival, this time with six tracks on offer.

Carnival Festival is even more feature packed than the previous DLC, adding in 24 new races staged over six new tracks. This means you also get 72 new medals to aim for and four new PlayStation trophies, which seems great value for the low price.

So what of the new tracks? Well let’s have a look:

Aqua Plane & Splash Down

As with most other tracks we are again racing around a building site, this time with a swimming pool theme. The course has plenty of long banked corners made of parts of a water slide and a cross over jump right in the middle of the track.

Again using the derelict swimming pool theme, Splash Down feels more like a track created for some real thrills, with more water slides used for high banking corners plus a huge working flume full of water to race down, giving you an extra speed boost as you hurtle to the finish line.

Beach Party & Bite Size

This is for all you beach combers out there, with a beach themed track perfect for a buggy to slide around banked and sandy corners, through ease up on the throttle as its very easy to spin out.

This second beach themed track offers a lot more of a challenge, still with plenty of sand on the track to keep your speed in check but also with huge gravity defying banked hairpin corners and a huge sand jump to get some decent air on.

Fun House & The Side Show

Fun House and The Side Show are come with an amusement park theme. Fun House is set during the day, with all of the rides like the bumper cars and waltzers packed away on the side-lines. This is quite a basic track offering plenty of gentle S-bends, though watch out for the huge twisting rollercoaster-like curly bridge in the middle of the track.

The Side Show is set during the evening, with all of the rides in full swing and flashing lights everywhere. This is very similar to the previous track with the corkscrew bridge but this time in reverse and due to a massive Octopus ride in the middle, a detour added to the track to add a little variety.


Though six tracks are on offer, these do feel quite similar to one another, especially the fun-fair tracks that are pretty much the same course with slight adjustments. Based to the name, I would have liked to have liked a bit more of an amusement park feel to all of the tracks on offer, maybe utilizing more of what you find at Carnivals but otherwise, these are still of the high quality that we have come to expect from the MotorStorm RC tracks.

As per previous DLC and the main game, over the 24 races you’ll once again get to challenge friends high scores, with the usual fast laps, overtaking and drifting modes all offering a decent challenge. As before, for such a reasonable price you are getting plenty of racing and even more addictive replay action.

You can pick up Motorstorm RC: Carnival Festival from the PS Store today for £2.39/€2.99.

Edited On 04 Apr, 2012

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