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80% of Batman Arkham City will take to the streets

Around 80 percent of Batman: Arkham City’s gameplay will take place on the streets, that’s according to the games developer, Rocksteady.

Speaking in the latest issue of PSM3,  the developer said building a larger world in the sequel has been a “huge technical challenge”, with Rocksteady’s marketing game manager Dax Ginn saying, “Interiors are locked to specific missions, but 80% of the game takes place on the streets.

Ginn also added, “this means you can begin the game and just start exploring,”  although he assured the magazine that this  doesn’t mean sacrificing the narrative. “Plot is really important to us,” he said.

“Our objective was not to make a bigger game world just for the sake of it. We want to fill it with content, and there’s no better world than Batman’s universe to take inspiration from.

“We have 97 people on the team, compared to 65 on the first game. Because we’ve decided to make such a large world we had to bring in more artists, animators and so on. It’s been a pretty huge technical and creative undertaking for the team.”

Batman Arkham City is set to launch this October. You can pre-order your copy on here (Xbox 360), here (PS3) and here (PC).

Thanks, CVG.

Edited On 31 Mar, 2011

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