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Lord of The Rings Online celebrating it’s 5th anniversary

Lord of the rings online is this week celebrating their 5th anniversary, the festivities start today April 16th and end on April 30th.

A wide range of gifts are available to everyone with a LoTRO account with rare and special items awarded to those dependent on their account age status.

The gifts are as follows:

All players

  • Fireworks
  • An Anniversary Cloak

1 Year old account

• A 1-year character portrait frame • Fireworks • An Anniversary Cloak

2 year old account

• A 2-year character portrait frame • 3 +10% Run Speed Boost (60 min) • 1 +5% Attack Damage (90 min) • 10 Battle Potion of Restoration • Fireworks • An Anniversary Cloak

3 year old account

• A 3-year character portrait frame • 3 Loot box keys • Fireworks • An Anniversary Cloak

4 year old account

• A 4-year character portrait frame • New Azure Festival Clothing • Fireworks • An Anniversary Cloak

5 year old account

• A 5- year character portrait frame • Festive Azure Steed • New Azure Festival Clothing to match your steed • Fireworks • An Anniversary Cloak

You can find out more about Lord of The Rings Online here.

Edited On 16 Apr, 2012

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