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Sony announces ‘Nasne’ media device for Japan

Sony Computer Entertainment has announced “Nasne” for release in Japan.

Nasne is a network recorder and media storage device that features a built-in CS/BS tuner and a 500 gigabyte hard disk.

it’s different from Sony’s other device in Japan, known as Torne, which gives the PS3 DVR capabilities. Instead, Nasne is a standalone device which you can connect to your home network and which will allow you to share programs that you’ve recorded with your PS3, PS Vita, Vaio, Sony Tablet and Xperia. The device can stream to two devices simultaneously, even while the broadcast is currently being recorded.

Here’s a list of the differences from the PS website.

  • Torne is terrestrial digital only. Nasne adds BS and CS.
  • Torne supports PSP and Vita. Nasne adds support for smartphones.
  • Torne is ¥9,980. Nasne is ¥16,980.

Torne and Nasne will both allow you to transfer videos to PSP and Vita for viewing on the go. Nasne’s support for Vita will be added before the end of the year.

Thanks, Andriasang.

Edited On 17 Apr, 2012

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