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UEFA Euro 2012: A closer look with Sebastian Enrique, Lead Producer

Scotland 2 – Sweden 0, in context it doesn’t mean much. To me, it was a friendly victory against a fellow journalist played on EA’s latest, UEFA Euro 2012 DLC. In reality he wins, after all he’ll be cheering on his team at this year’s event while I’ll be sitting at home wishing it was Scotland playing on my TV set. At least EA have thought about those of us who won’t be there.

Whilst it’s great that teams which have been unfortunate enough not to qualify will be represented in the game, there is a lot more to UEFA Euro 2012 that this. Included is the tournament itself, a challenge mode, a new online mode and the promising Expedition mode.

Although we were unable to get hands on with the Expedition mode itself, it’s certainly one of the main talking points as far as we are concerned, but we wanted to know more. Thankfully then, Sebastian Enrique, Lead Producer on UEFA Euro 2012 was on hand to explain the new mode to us in more detail.

“You choose your team and start with any player you want in the UEFA world, from there you start your mission, moving from country to country on the roads which open up.” Enrique explained.

“When you defeat a team you’ll then get one of their reserve players, defeat them again you’ll get one of the substitutes and once more to get a first team player. Should you lose to a team the road which opened up will then disappear, meaning that you’ll have to find a different route to build your team or challenge that team again.”

Enrique also explained that the main purpose of this mode is to complete a mosaic, a piece of which will unlock whenever you defeat a country three times, defeat all of the countries and you complete the mosaic. “Unless you build your team up you’ll find it difficult to take on the more challenging nations, so you’ll need to plan your team and route well.”

Expedition certainly sounds like it’ll be an interesting addition to the game and dispels any notion that this DLC is just about news shirts and some match opening glamour.

As mentioned UEFA Euro 2012 will also include weekly challenges, which Enrique tells us will be updated once or twice a week, with scenarios based on the real tournament.

“We are planning to implement these challenges into the game during the tournament, although obviously we don’t know how the [real-life] games will play out, so it’s just a case of watching the matches and deciding which challenges to implement into the game, which is something we’ll do as quickly as possible.”

As for online, UEFA Euro 2012 will include one mode – the online tournaments; as explained by Enrique, these modes are based on matchmaking therefore you’ll be faced up against people based on which part of the tournament you are currently playing in.

There is no ‘Road to Euro 2012′ included in this DLC, so you won’t be able to play qualifiers as such, however you will be able to play through the tournament proper as you’d expect.

You’ll be able to pick up UEFA Euro 2012 on both XBLA and PSN from this Tuesday for 1800 MS points/£15.99 and for 2500 points on PC.

Look out for our review soon.

Edited On 20 Apr, 2012

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