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Music Unlimited coming to PSP and NGP

Sony has confirmed its cloud based music service, Music Unlimited, will arrive on the PSP in a matter of weeks.

The service, which landed on PS3 in Europe last December, gives you access to over six million music tracks all via a cloud service and starts from £3.99 a month, rising up to £9.99.

“The heart of the offering here is that with the one account you can access this music on your TV, your PS3, your laptop, your Blu-ray player, and have your music follow you wherever you go, rather than having to download all of your music into a device and make that device go with you everywhere,” said Sony Network Entertainment boss Shawn Layden to Eurogamer.

As for whether the service would come to NGP when it’s finally released, Layden said: “We will make it happen,” adding, “there are still very few details that have come out in the marketplace about the launch. The folks at Sony Computer Entertainment will have a big reveal of exactly what the scope of that entire feature set is going to be.

“But yes, our services need to be available on that device. It’s a very powerful device and it would be an incredibly good platform for us.”

Thanks, CVG.

Edited On 01 Apr, 2011

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