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SOCOM 4 update plans for post release revealed

The game isn’t out yet, however that’s not stopping Zipper Interactive from pre-planning the fixes and updates SOCOM 4 will need once it does eventually hit stores.

Zipper’s posted up a list of improvements its planning for SOCOM 4 for when it arrives on these shores, check out the list below.

First Patch – SOCOM 4 Retail Version 1.XX Estimated Release: April 2011

  • Multiplayer camera pulled further behind character (cuts off at around the mid-to-upper thigh)
  • Multiplayer camera field of view has been widened by roughly 20%
  • Firing accuracy has been improved for all weapons and aim modes; first few shots are substantially more accurate (with less accuracy the longer full-auto is employed)
  • Considerably increased horizontal and vertical recoil to all weapons in ACOG and Red Dot views
  • Decreased effective range of all SMGs
  • Reduced throw distance for all grenades
  • Made improvements to the HUD to make teammate names display above their head if they are onscreen; removed allied names (leaving only icons) when spotting friendlies at a distance;
  • Made adjustments to XP system so that it takes longer to gain character and weapon mod levels
  • More to come, stay tuned…

You can pre-order your copy of SOCOM 4 here in time for its April 22 release.

Source: SOCOM Forums.

Edited On 01 Apr, 2011

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