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UK 3DS launch sales bigger than DS and Wii

Nintendo’s confirmed the 3DS has become the companies fastest selling launch console, outdoing the launch figures of both the Wii and DS with 303,000 units sold across Europe and 113,000 units in its opening weekend on sale in the UK.

These figures mean Sony’s UK record of  185,000 PSP units sold at launch remains intact, however these are still pretty impressive figures for the 3DS.

PlayStation 3 moved 165,000 units in Britain in its first weekend on sale in 2007, beating both Wii and 360 out of the gate.

Wii sold 105,000 units in its opening 48 hours in the UK in 2006. Xbox 360 debuted in Britain with 70,000 units sold in 2005.

“Nintendo 3DS allows people to experience, for the first time, 3D technology on the move and at home, with fun and surprises for all to enjoy. With the built-in pick-up-and-play Face Raiders game and StreetPass feature adding new dimensions to the already diverse line-up of launch titles, Nintendo 3DS has struck a chord with gamers old and new,” said Laurent Fischer, Nintendo of Europe’s Managing Director of Marketing & PR.

Most retailers still have plenty of 3DS stock, including Shopto, so if you are after one then make sure you order yours here.

Edited On 01 Apr, 2011

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