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SCEA to reveal new title next week [update]

It’s been confirmed that a new project by the team at Sony Santa Monica will be revealed next week.

The news comes via Eurogamer’s preview for PlayStation All-Stars. Writer Johnny Minkley, while describing the importance of the studio says, “there’s another under-wraps oddity – to be revealed next week – which once again highlights the company’s laudable support for new talent.”

It’s hard to tell what he could be relating too. JeuxVideo is set to reveal a new PS3 exclusive next week, so could it be related to that. It could also just as easily be a new PSN title or a Vita title?

It does seem likely that it’s relating to The Unfinished Swan, SCEA’s PSN title which was first uncovered back in January, since the quote seems to suggest this is an unusual title and it doesn’t get more unusual looking that this.

In fact when looking at the evidence, such as Superannuation spotting this two week old tweet “@GrrSnort @patrickklepek The Unfinished Swan is still happening. Check your radar in the next few weeks for some big news,” it’s hard to argue that it won’t be this game that Mr Minkley is referring to.

We’ll find out next week, but whatever it is, expect something a little different.

Edited On 27 Apr, 2012

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