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Sony lists MGS Rising for Vita in presentation [update]

A selection of presentation slides found by internet super sleuth,  Supererogatory, have uncovered what seems to be confirmation that Metal Gear Rising is coming to PS Vita, although put this under the rumour category for now.

The list was created by SCEA’s Head of New Business Development Group and shows Konami’s upcoming game listed for the handheld, along with the numerous other titles such as Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock and Call of Duty, all of which we already know about.

Searching for the terms ‘Metal Gear Solid Rising, PS Vita’ on Google seems to bring up plenty of stories from last year saying that the title is coming to Vita, but to date we have not seen any official confirmation, other than these slides, to suggest that the game is 100 percent confirmed for Vita.

Update: Konami’s just contacted us to confirm that Rising has not been announced for the PlayStation Vita.

Edited On 27 Apr, 2012

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