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Capcom reveals Street Fighter x Tekken patch details

Capcom’s revealed details of a new gameplay patch for Street Fighter X Tekken which will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in mid May.

The final date is still to be determined, but you can view the list of changes below:

  • Kazuya Restand glitch infinite combo has been removed.
  • Kuro cr.MP infinite has been removed.
  • Xiaoyu QCB MP infinite has been removed.
  • Pacman Hit back on LP and LK has been changed so infinite has been removed.
  • Jin Chop Kick Glitch on mid air opponents has been fixed.
  • When first hit of Kazama Style 6 Hit Combo is a counter hit, Jin is at +2F now.
  • Ogre Damage properties of cr.HP have been changed so follow ups are now not possible.

Juri Senpusha’s frames on block have been changed to below:

  • L ver. stand block -5F
  • M ver. stand block -10F
  • M ver. crouch block -10F
  • Shikusen causes opponents to be pushed back less far when blocked.

Rufus Falcon Kick (dive kick) properties have been changed:

  • Hurt box added to his feet and the move no longer crosses up easily.
  • Frames on block have been modified to -4F
  • Zangief Last hit of Quick Double Lariat (3rd hit) will no longer hit crouching opponents.
  • M.Bison 5th hit of his Super Art (Knee Press Nightmare) can now be blocked normally.
  • Jump/lever input bug Addresed issue where diagonal inputs/jumps did not come out properly.
  • Throw/Character Change glitch Fixed a bug for certain characters that allowed for them to get thrown when initiating a character switch.
  • Quick Combo Priority of command inputs has been changed so glitches that came from activating quick combos in the air have been removed.

A date for this latest patch is to be revealed soon.

Edited On 30 Apr, 2012

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