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First God of War: Ascension previews arrive

God of War: Ascension will feature online and offline multiplayer battles for up to eight players.

Previews have now started to hit the internet, revealing that the game will include a variety of multiplayer modes, customisable avatar warriors, armour and weapon types to unlock.

According to Eurogamer, “the multiplayer combines the brutal gameplay and large-scale battles that God of War is known for to create a competitive experience like never before.”

The single player campaign will also include a “revamped” combat and weapon system, “promptless” mini-games and new puzzles. The campaign is “just a little bit shorter” than previous God of War games, but apparently “It’ll be pretty damn close.”

Finally, it’s been revealed that the story sees players assume the role of Kratos as he tries to break the blood oath that binds him to Ares.  Kratos, who is younger, “seeks to break his bond and gain the clarity to seek revenge on Ares for his part in the death of his family”.

Sounds great.

You’ll be able to find even more details at 16.00pm since Sony will be streaming the game live on the PS Blog.

Thanks, Eurogamer/Game Informer.

Edited On 30 Apr, 2012

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