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Starhawk gets ‘Top Ways To Kill’ video

Sony’s released a new trailer for Starhawk, showing players the ‘top ways to kill’.

In the video we see a variety of ways to take out your opponent, be it The Hawk Snipe, the Chicken Shot, the Fly on the Wall and more.

In addition to the video, Sony revealed last night that anyone who took part in the beta will receive an exclusive gift.

The first is The Hand of the Founder. It’s an exclusive character accessory for anyone who played in the BETA. It’s a gold, glowing, atom-looking thing that is bonded to your right hand. It’s intended to be a way to show off to your friends and everyone else online that you were one of Starhawk’s founders.

The second item is the Warhawk Paint Set, allowing you to customised your vehicles.

Starhawk is out next week, pre-order from ShopTo here.

Edited On 02 May, 2012

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