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New LittleBigPlanet Karting details arrive

Details for Sony’s LittleBigPlanet Karting have gone live, thanks to a few previews hitting the internet. This of course means that we have more info on the United Front Games developed game.

One of the first things mentioned in IGN’s preview is how The ModSpot (ModNation’s customization hub) has been replaced by LBP’s trademark Pod, allowing up to four players to customize their karts and characters at the same time. IGN does mention that building tracks, dressing up characters and toying with basic racing mechanics like weapons and drifting does feel familiar, but mentions that what sets Karting apart is the world in which it’s immersed. “This game feels like LittleBigPlanet,” says the site.

The LittleBigPlanet theme sounds like it continues into the racing too, with the preview mentioning that “you’ll find yourself comparing it more to LBP than to other racing games, as exploring each map is almost like playing a platformer rather than a kart racer,” IGN also mentions that “Score bubbles even pepper the track to lead players forward, just like in LBP.”

We also hear how many maps exist as a homage to LittleBigPlanet environments , with players even tasked with “grappling across large expanses in one map, climbing through the environment to progress and occasionally even finding elevated shortcuts.”

IGN also mentions the ability to create weapons and even use new weapons within the game. Weapons include projectiles including straight shots, seekers and multi-missiles, plus EMPs and grenades. Weapons can be fired both forwards and backwards and can even cancel out seeker missiles when fired in reverse. Pick-ups include Autopilot, Fast Forward and more. It’s mentioned that weapons and pick-ups will play a large part in the games multiplayer mode.

What we’ve heard so far sounds great, so we can’t wait to get hands on with the game ourselves.

Edited On 02 May, 2012

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