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Fable 3 Reviews Round-Up

Fable 3 is released this Friday and I for one just cant wait! If you are still in two minds below is a quick reviews round-up from all the lucky people who have had an opportunity to play it already.

Fable 3

I know, I cant believe its out already as well!

Computer and Video Games – 9.2/10

“This is the best Fable yet…It’s entertaining, thoughtful and crucially, not entirely for RPG lovers – which could lead to the series capturing an entirely new audience of adventurers.”

Game Informer – 9/10

“From raising a family, becoming a land baron, and even partnering up with friends locally or online, this is the most fully realized version of Albion yet. It’s a must-play for fans of adventure or anyone who thinks they can run things better than those bums in Washington. Good luck.”

IGN – 8.5/10

“This is a massive game, and yet it remains accessible to gamers of all skill levels. That in itself is a pretty special achievement. Tack on a solid combat system, an immersive world, and decisions with real consequences, and you’ve got a game that just about anybody can enjoy.”

The Escapist – 4/5 Stars

“The best Fable yet. It’s mature and thought provoking, with a final act that will genuinely surprise and confound you. It could’ve been a masterpiece, but its many technical problems bring it down.”

Eurogamer – 8/10

“It may be messy and clunky from time to time along the way, but Fable III is only guilty of indulging its designers’ whim at the expense of necessary polish, and in the royal scheme of things it’s a crime you’re happy to pardon. Many more RPGs will follow between now and whatever Lionhead does next with the series, but few if any will possess half as much heart, and most importantly, whatever else they have to offer, none will have Albion.”

Buy Fable 3

Buy Fable 3

Edited On 26 Oct, 2010

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