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Cole confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars? More characters at E3

Sony and Superbot seems to be getting set to announce some new characters for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale at E3, although it seems that one may have been outed already.

The voice actor for inFamous’ Cole McGrath has posted up on his twitter, saying how good it feels to be back in a mo-cap suit, although he did state that it was not for inFamous.

So what was it for then? Well, when you see this next tweet and put one and one together, it seems like we may be seeing Cole McGrath in PlayStation All-Stars.

In addition to the above, a quick look over at the PlayStation All-Stars website shows a counter which is set to run out around E3 time, no doubt meaning that we’ll be seeing both new information and new characters when the clock hits zero.

Check out the website here.

Thanks, Nicholas.

Edited On 05 May, 2012

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