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First FIFA 13 details, screens arrive

EA’s revealed the first details of FIFA 13, as well as releasing a few new screens for the game.

Speaking at a recent event in London, producer David Rutter, revealed five major improvements to this years game, including:

More realistic ball control, which will make it more difficult to control a receiving ball with your player, meaning how well you do to control the ball will depend on the strength, speed, ball height and the technical skills of your player.

Another improvement is to Player Impact, this means that all players challenges will be much more realistic, thanks in part to a new set of impact values ​​has been added at the hip and the upper body area.

Complete Dribble, meanwhile, will do away with FIFA 12′s dribble by changing direction habit, making for much more realistic dribbling action. While Tactical Free-Kicks will allow for up to three players to gather around the ball and make fun of the opponent’s defence and goalie. You can now also feint a direct shot and adjust it to a player who comes off the wall.

Finally, Attacking AI, has also been improved meaning that CPU-controlled players now make better running and better better options for passing the ball.

We are told that the above information is only some of what EA has planned for FIFA 13, with much more information expected later this month. We have also been told that the above may not be entirely 100 percent accurate since the original source posted this information before the media embargo.

For more detailed information on FIFA 13, keep an eye on ShopToNews as we’ll have a lot more on FIFA 13 over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks, NeoGaf.

Edited On 07 May, 2012

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