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Recorded Killzone feature hints at new game

Sony is recording a new video for something Killzone related, which according to Siliconera, is being made specifically for a woman. Perhaps this suggests that Visari’s daughter may have a part to play in the next game.

”My sons and my daughters, today we take the first step toward our imperial future,” starts the voice-over.

“For years, this once-great nation has stagnated in the shadow of its enemies. Governed by scoundrels who flaunted the ideals established by my father, these traitors… these enemies of our race have diluted and exploited the triad of Duty, Obedience, and Loyalty.”

“This regime, this corrupt regime, has been dissolved. In its place does rise an era of stability and strength. A time of opportunity born from a promise that we shall return our people to their proper sphere of dominance.”

We have no idea if these lines relate to Killzone 4 or perhaps the Killzone Vita game which is already in development. We can’t wait to find out though.

Thanks, Seedhouse.

Edited On 08 May, 2012

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