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Kinect Play Fit to come via new Xbox Dashboard update

Microsoft is preparing to update its Xbox 360 dashboard software to support a new hardware accessory, codenamed Joule.

The update will form part of a new ‘Kinect Play Fit’ service which will allow the software, in conjunction with ‘Joule,’ to track Kinect owners heart rate wirelessly and ensure any exercise is within a target goal for weight loss, strength, or cross-fitness workouts.

EA currently does this using a heart rate monitor which is bundled with EA Sports Active, however since Microsoft’s Joule monitor will be compatible with most Kinect games it’ll be more suitable for anyone who owns Kinect.

The Verge also reports that you won’t need Joule to make use of the new exercise tracking feature of Kinect Fit Play, although there are no further details as to how this will work.

Apparently Microsoft’s plans to detail some of its Kinect plans at E3 next month, so we expect to see more on Kinect Play Fit and Joule at this time.

Edited On 08 May, 2012

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