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Mass Effect 3 bonus for PS3 fans

PlayStation 3 owners of Mass Effect 3 are to be given reward packs from previous multiplayer weekend events.

Mass Effect 3′s fortnightly multiplayer promotions have been missing from PS3 until recently, so to make up for this BioWare is gifting PS3 gamers with the reward packs given during the Operation Goliath and Raptor events.

PS3 fans can take part in the next and last multiplayer event, known as Operation Silencer. To gain the rewards in this event, the community has to kill 3,000,000 banshees. Extra packs can be gained for those who complete a map on gold difficulty with a full extraction.

“This task is an onerous one,” says the BioWare blog, “and many of you are right to dread contact with these particular foes, but rest assured that we are prepared to reinforce your battalion with reserves. The vorcha want in, and as soon as they complete combined-arms training with our technically-skilled personnel, we will let them loose.”

Edited On 10 May, 2012

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