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Max Payne 3 arcade modes

Following today’s news that Max Payne will not feature GFWL Rockstar has announced that the upcoming title will feature an arcade mode.

New York Minute will be returning to the series alongside new feature Score Attack. Arcade mode will allow for gamers to do battle on the leaderboards against their friends and others.

Alongside the leaderboard incentive arcade mode will also allow for large XP bonuses and special multiplayer avatars to be unlocked.

Score Attack can be played after you’ve completed any single-player level, you’ll be able to replay it in Score Attack mode, where you gun for the highest score possible – acquiring points for each shot that hits its mark and each adversary you vanquish.

New York Minute returns as a fan favourite and sees you thrown into a frantic battle that puts one minute on the clock and awards you with additional time for each enemy that you kill.

You can pre-order Max Payne 3 here.

Edited On 11 May, 2012

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