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Console gaming still biggest sector in US – Survey

Console gaming is still the biggest sector in the US, although mobile and social games are on the rise, says a new survey by Magid Associates.

According to the survey, which looks at gaming trends and attitudes, mobile and social gaming have become the number 2 and number 3 platforms for gaming. 20 percent of U.S. respondents aged 8-64 said they “can’t live without a game console,” while out of Male console gamers aged between 12 and 24, who play on their console at least once a week, 60 percent say they can’t live without their console, only slightly less than the 62 percent that can’t live without their PC or laptop.

64 percent of the 2540 people who completed the survey (aged between 8 and 64) play video or computer games, which in turn helped make it the number two household entertainment expenditure, behind only the TV/internet bill. The average Internet-using household spends a combined $80 per month on TV and Internet, while spending on gaming averages $20 per month.

Interestingly, according to the survey, mobile and social games have passed PC games, online portals, handheld games and MMOs in popularity, noting that “tablet users are gravitating towards gaming as the primary use for the device.”

Smartphones are noted as an important gaming platform, with 43 percent playing games on a regular basis.

The survey is meant as a representative look into the US market.

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Edited On 14 May, 2012

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