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SOE store shows up on PSN, hints at Everquest

Please make it so. Somone has spotted a SOE store on PSN, hinting at what could possibly be an early E3 reveal for Everquest and other titles on PSN.

According to GamerXChange, the page showed all titles published by SOE for both PS3 and PSP including Free Realms, DCUO, Bejeweled, PayDay The Heist, and so on. However, the background of the store. also shows what looks like some art from Everquest.

Everquest is still a very popular game and there have been many hints in the past that it may eventually come to PSN. Gamasutra previously confirmed a new Everquest was in development and would appear on other platforms, while Eurogamer practically had it confirmed by SOE’s John Smedley.

Could this be yet more proof? The fact that the SOE store is no longer present on PSN may tell us more than we already know.

Edited On 16 May, 2012

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