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Activision, Electronic Arts Settle Modern Warfare dispute

Activision and Electronic Arts Have agreed on a settlement in the Zampella/West Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 dispute.

According to Boomberg, the companies said at a hearing today in California state court in Los Angeles that they will file a settlement agreement in court, following the judge dening Activision’s bid to delay the trial.

Jason West and Vince Zampella, now of Respawn Entertainment had been involved in a dispute with Activision which resulted in the former filing a law suit for $36 million in unpaid royalties when they first sued two years ago. The claim is now said to be for $1 Billion.

Zampella and West claim Activision strung them along with false promises of royalties and creative control so that they would complete the game that helped Activision become the biggest video-game publisher. Activision countersued, naming Electronic Arts as a defendant and accusing the company of trying to pry the developers away while they were still under contract.

It seems though EA and Activison have finally reached a settlement, although no details of the final financial agreement have been disclosed.

The Zampella/West trial is scheduled to begin at the end of May.

Edited On 16 May, 2012

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