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PlayStation All-Stars coming to Vita? Maybe says dev

PlayStation All-Stars has not been announced for PS Vita, which seems a bit odd when Sony is currently pledging all its support to the handheld, however all hope may not be lost according to a new developer interview. In an interview with Digital Trends, the game’s director, Omar Kendall, did touch briefly on the possibility of a Vita version, refusing to given an outright “no” when pressed on the prospect of seeing the fighter on Sony;s new portable.

“Any chance that we might see [All-Stars] on Vita?” Digital Trends asked. “Maybe… Stay tuned,” answered Kendall in the interview, which is certainly an interesting way to answer that particular question.

Sony certainly has plenty of other titles it could bring to PS Vita too, inFamous, God of War, LBP karting, Ratchet & Clank. It’ll be interesting to see if any of these titles get one of these big name titles. We are pretty sure there will be plenty of Vita coverage from Sony at E3, let’s just hope we see a few new IP’s in there.

Edited On 17 May, 2012

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