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Table Top Tanks coming to PS Vita next week

Ready for some Table Top Tanks? Well you are in luck, because Sony will next week release its latest AR game based on that very subject on the PS Store.

Steve Oldacre, Director of developer Devil’s Details, took to the PS Blog to explain, telling us how the game allows you to play with and against AI tanks, share your newly created battlefield with your friends and duke it out from different angles, although he also explains how being creative will bring the most rewards.

“The real fun comes making your own maps using the simple editor,” says Oldacre, “You pick a map size – small, medium or large – and then place virtual shapes around real world objects, so the Vita can “see” the objects. You can also fill the shapes with water, smoke or fire and so that when they’re shot by a missile they’ll leak water, spill smoke or be set on fire.

“Once you’ve crafted your level it’s time to play from a choice of capture the flag, last man standing or two vs. two game modes.”

You’ll be able to play table top tanks on the desktop or if you scale up the AR Cards by printing them our from the template found here, you’ll be able to play on the floor. “The Tanks become model car size and you can set up obstacles using the editor and get the whole house involved, blasting the dog or setting fire to the coffee table. We played quite a lot of large marker Table Top Tanks when we were developing the game and it’s serious fun; get some friends together and give it a go,” adds Oldacre.

The game will also be supported via DLC, which will add something a little different to the experience.

Edited On 17 May, 2012

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