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Yakuza 5 heading for December release in Japan

Yakuza 5 is heading for a December 3 release in Japan, with playable five characters and five locales to travel to.

According to Famitsu (via Siliconera), Kazuma Kiyru is playable along with Yakuza 4 leads Shun Akiyama and Taiga Saejima. Haruka Sawamura who Kazuma protects like his daughter is a playable character in Yakuza 5.

Apparently, the story picks up after Yakuza 4. Haruka left Okinawa and went to Osaka hoping to become an idol. She has been practising singing and dancing, but her agency has sinister plans for her. Taiga is in prison serving a three year sentence. Shun is traveling to Osaka and Kazuma is working as a cab driver in Fukuoka. Players will be able to visit five different areas in Yakuza 5 – Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Hokkaido.

The magazine is also reporting that the game will have the largest amount of content than any game in the Yakuza series. Twice the time has been spent working on the title, meaning improvements to controls and seamless transitions between battle and adventure scenes.

Yakuza 5 is exclusive to PS3.

Edited On 23 May, 2012

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