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If Pac-Man had affected us as kids…

Ah yes, Marcus Brigstock, how right you were. Taking time out to stop reaching for the lasers, the children of the second summer of love have had children of their own – and that little yellow… avatar is back to claim them as his own!

No, but sinister connotations aside, everyone’s second favourite animated tennis ball (because Ms Pac-Man was cooler – she had a bow!) is back with a bang and has brought the party with him! Now, now, this is entirely innocent stuff – Pac Man has always been unfeasibly easy to pick up, play, lose days to… and now you can wave your wii-remote about to make him do his thing, it’s going to be even easier to pick up, play and lose weeks to.

With more than 50 exciting mini-games and eight characters to choose from including newcomers Woofa, Patra and Roger, players will be fully engaged using the Wii Remote’s motion and button control capabilities in various time-based trials.

From dodging a cascade of blocks, to racing and sheep shearing challenges, there is non-stop action for everyone.

Depending on a player’s mood, they can select three modes of play. Story mode provides the opportunity to explore all the game board worlds and protect Mr. Cookie’s secret recipe. Mini-Game mode offers a quick fix for those who want the sudden rush of competition without the commitment. Party mode provides a more in-depth experience that has up to four friends competing across different boards to collect the most points.  Raising the stakes a bit more, property can be strategically developed on any given space which can increase wealth and provide the quickest route to victory. However unlike traditional board games, if someone lands on a spot that is already occupied, players will have to fight for ownership via challenges.

To help level the competitive playing field and encourage big comebacks, Power Cookies can be utilized during each mini-game to increase a characters size or put extra force and speed behind each effort.  But the party doesn’t stop there. As an added bonus, PAC-MAN Party will also feature a Classic mode where players can experience the original arcade versions of PAC-MAN, Galaga and Dig-Dug.

Pac-man mini games, monopoly and old school arcade games? Save for the Balthasar-sized bottle of Advocaat, that’s Christmas sorted.

Edited On 26 Oct, 2010

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