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Gaikai Plus PSN – What cloud streaming deal could mean for subscribers

The plans are starting to become clear. It seems like Sony and Gaikai will be forming some sort of partnership at E3. What this plan could be is still a mystery, but the possibilities are certainly interesting.

So what will this deal mean? Well first of all, I think it’s going to benefit one set of users more than most, PS Plus subscribers.

In my opinion, this deal is part of Sony’s restructuring of the service. We have seen evidence in the past that Plus may be getting new tiers, which could see gamers gaining access to a set amount of PSN and even full games. Looking at the survey (see picture below), don’t you think that if these new tiers were to become a reality that instead of asking users to download all of these games, that they could be streamed via a new cloud service instead?

The same could also apply to Full Game trials, as users currently have to download these, which is hardly an ideal option.

A few SCEE staff have already hinted at what’s to come, advising users that if they’re not signed up to PS Plus that they should now. This of course may not relate to the cloud services which seem to be coming, instead maybe PS Plus subscribers will soon be able to stream E3 straight to their PS3? Who knows. It does seem likely though that Sony will use the Gaikai deal to strengthen the appeal of PS Plus and I think the ability to stream demo’s and full games and more, would be a very big incentive for those who don’t currently subscribe to take the jump.

Another bonus of the streaming service is that PS Vita owners may get some support. Can you imagine if this deal allowed PS Vita owners to stream PSN games to their handheld? Wouldn’t that be something? Maybe it’ll also bring the other benefits mentioned above, such as full game trials and instant demo’s? The possibilities are endless really.

In my opinion, much like Netflix on PS3, Gaikai is an added convenience which benefits both parties. It seems that no longer will you have to wait for a demo to download, instead you’ll be able to stream it straight away. This could do all publishers a big favour as gamers will now be able to trial the games immediately and decide if the game is for them. It’ll also allow users to stream a set amount of games as mentioned in my theory above, which in turn could lead to more sales. More importantly, it could mean a large profit for Sony, as gamers flock to PS Plus.

Edited On 27 May, 2012

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