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Spy Hunter reboot coming to 3DS and Vita

Warner Bros has announced that Spy Hunter, a reboot of the legendary combat driving series, will be released for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS by TT Fusion. In the latest version of the game, players will once again take on the role of the “Agent,” the driver of the high-tech G-6155 Interceptor supercar, armed extensively with advanced weaponry, and ready to take on a global terrorist organization set on world domination.

“Spy Hunter’s classic gameplay has been upgraded to give PlayStation Vita and 3DS players a new, adrenaline-charged experience,” said Samantha Ryan, Senior Vice President, Production and Development, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. “Gamers now have more choice in the transformation and customization with greater hand controls, brilliant graphics and enhanced action cameras.”

The Interceptor seamlessly transforms from supercar to off-road assault vehicle to speed boat, allowing players to go where they like within the game’s branching mission tracks. Players can choose to outfit and upgrade the Interceptor’s many weapons and high tech gadgets as they like throughout the course of the game. And for the first time, the Agent will have additional support in the form of an unmanned aerial support drone, allowing players to plan their destruction when assaulting enemy agent strongholds. Spy Hunter also features crash choreography and a camera system that follows the action in slow motion to let players savor the destruction they created.

The original Spy Hunter was released to arcades in 1983, the reboot will be available this autumn.

Edited On 31 May, 2012

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