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Sony and Gaikai deal uncovered?

Sony’s rumoured cloud gaming deal with Gaikai will allow for PlayStation 3 owners to play both PlayStation 2 and PSone games via a streaming solution.

According to sources close to GI.biz, the service will offer first-party games and be open to third-party publishers to sell back catalogue to players.

There has been rumour of a Sony take-over of a cloud company such as Gaikai or Onlive, however we reckon that someone has got their wires crossed in this respect.

A streaming deal allowing PS owners to gain access to PlayStation 2 and PSOne games has the potential to be huge, with games including Silent Hill, God of War, Devil May Cry and Ico and Shadow of the Colossus all sitting waiting to be played in this way.

It’s not yet clear which Sony devices beyond the PlayStation 3 would get a Gaikai-support, but just imagine if you could stream PS2 and PSOne games to your PS Vita? Yes, now you see the potential.

Both Sony Computer Entertainment and Gaikai declined to comment when we contacted them.

Edited On 01 Jun, 2012

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