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Nintendo introduces WiiU Gamepad and pro controller

Saturo Iwata has revealed during Nintendo’s pre-E3 press conference that Wii U has been created to provide “something that will help unite people rather than divide them – whether in same room or great distances apart.”

Discussing how the controller has changed,  Iwata showed off the new analogue sticks and the buttons, which have been moved to make the controller more comfortable. An added NFC reader/writer, was also shown, allowing users to place figures on the WiiU Gamepad or scan AR cards. We are also told that WiiU GamePad has a TV control button and can be used as a fully independent infrared TV remote.

One of the biggest announcements is that Nintendo will release a WiiU pro controller, which you can see pictured below. Looks a bit like a 360 controller eh?

Iwata also went onto discuss the new Miiiverse, which will allow players to connect online with each other using their Mii’s. The WiiU Gamepad also seems to be very connected, regardless of which game you are in. Iwata mentioned that they see the WiiU Gamepad as a ‘social window.’

Nitnendo seems to want to keep people connected wherever they are, in this respect Miiverse will also be connected, eventually allowing people to connect through 3DS, WiiU, Mobile and even PC.

Finally, Iwata mentioned that this week’s press conference, taking place on Tuesday, will be focusing on the games of the WiiU, saying they’ll provide us with “concrete evidence of video game experiences we’ve never had before.”

Edited On 03 Jun, 2012

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