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Microsoft E3 Press Conference round-up

Today was the day Microsoft showed off what’s to come to the Xbox 360 for the future. They announced some pretty cool stuff both gaming wise and peripheral wise. We watched the conference live and have the whole roundup of all the announcements below.

Microsoft opened the show with a Halo 4 live demo. As soon as it begun as huge ship was on a collision course with a planet and came across Master Chief. It showed the new forerunner weapons and the way the forerunner interact with your grenades being able to throw them back at you. Chief also has a visor such as seen in ODST which can give you a richer heads up display. Halo 4 is due this November. Watch the Halo 4 demo here.

Next Microsoft lined up another game in the form of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. This game has a completely new setting as Splinter Cell heads to the middle east as Sam Fisher hunts down people on a black list with the usual politics in between with the USA and Middle East countries. Kinect features also make an appearance here via voice commands that can be used to distract an enemy. Watch the Splinter Cell demo here.

After, EA Sports hit the stage with FIFA 13 and showed off the Kinect voice commands for the game. Players can use voice commands to make subs and pause the game if they so wish as well as show dissent to the ref when a decision doesn’t go your way. Catch the E3 trailer for FIFA 13 here.

Epic games then showcased the trailer for Gears of War: Judgement which confired all the rumours about the game that’s been circulating this week. 2013 release. Watch the Gears trailer here.

Next up was Forza Horizon. Nothing much from this apart from a trailer and a October release date for this racer. Watch the Forza trailer here.

After this Microsoft focused on the functionality of the 360 and adding content apps and features to the console. First was a sports announcement that they were bringing ESPN to the 360 with sports such as NBA and NHL coming to the service. Next from that comes the Xbox Music app. This app works like iTunes for your Xbox. Several artists will have their music available on your dashboard to see music videos and listen to music. Nike made an appearance to announce a fitness game that utilizes Kinect and brings a whole new fitness experience to games consoles.

Next was the pretty cool announcement that links the 360 to other devices such as tablets and Windows Phone devices. Names Xbox SmartGlass the service lets you share content between the said devices and brings synergy the platform. Amongst that was teh announcement that Microsoft are bringing Internet Explorer to the 360 with a new layout specifically designed for it.

After this the shift focused back to core games and up stepped Crystal Dynamics with a live Tomb Raider demo that showcased what we already knew about the game, awesomeness. The demo flung Lara across several terrain with the usual moans and groans that accompanyed previous live demos. Watch the Tomb Raider demo here.

Capcom then took to the stage to show off Resident Evil 6. Again another live demo and it showed a lot of action with the game looking very decent, showing off series main character Leon. The demo finished off with a bang and is worth another look. Watch the Resident Evil demo here.

Next up was the creators of South Park and they took to the stage to formally announce South Park: The Stick of Truth which is being developed with Fallout: New Vegas developer Obsidian. From there Dance Central 3 made its way onto the stage with Usher taking responsibility of doing a live demo. Watch the South Park trailer here.

Finally the conference was capped of with a live demo of Black Ops 2. The games futuristic setting was shown off in all its glory as well as weapons and characters. Different elements of the demo stood out and will make for an interesting multiplayer componant. Watch the Black Ops 2 demo here.

Edited On 04 Jun, 2012

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