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EA E3 press conference round up

E3′s press conference has finished and for those who didn’t watch it live we have you covered with this round up.

The conference was kicked off with Dead Space 3 where VP and General Manager at Visceral Games, Steve Papoutsis took the stage and announced that Dead Space 3 will feature new locations, including a frozen, necromorph-infested planet. There will also be a new character alongside Isaac: John Carver.

The demo then showed off the co-op campaign which was looking really good, until the scary moment where the characters were eaten by a large creature.

NFL 13

Cam Weber, GM of American Football at EA SPORTS then took the stage and announced NFL 13.

NFL 13 will be powered by a new “Infinity Engine,” which adds run-time physics to the game. Weber went on to say that “No two plays will ever look or feel the same.”

NFL 13 will also have a Connected Careers mode that will deliver deep gameplay progression.

Players will be able to create or join a league with up to 32 other people. Progress is tracked through a career check list, with goals assigned to each season. Meeting them earns you XP, which you can spend to upgrade your abilities.

So all in all NFL 13 seems to be pushing to be one of the top EA sports titles this year with more integration and better gameplay.

The Sims

Lucy Bradshaw, Senior VP of Maxis took to the stage next to announce Sim City Social and Sim City the full game. With the ability to connect through Facebook with the social game, games like Farmville and cityville should be worried.

The full game is also looking stunning with up to date graphics yet keeping that classic Sim City feel to the game.

Sim City is certainly one to keep an eye on.

Battlefield Premium

EA COO Peter Moore and Battlefield 3 Executive Producer Patrick Bach took the stage to talk about Battlefield 3 Premium. Before starting they announced a staggering figure of Over 1.6 trillion bullets have been fired so far in Battlefield 3, and there are now more than 15 million players worldwide.

The premium DLC is available now for the “reasonable” price of $49.99. This is obviously a steep price but depending on how much you play Battlefield 3 it may be right for you.

Star Wars

Dr. Ray Muzyka, Co-Founder of BioWare was up next to talk about Star Wars T he Old Republic. He stated that on day 1 1 million users signed in on day 1.

The Old Republic will be adding new PvP warzones to the game, along with more challenging group and high-level content, including a new version of Nightmare difficulty mode.

A new planet, Makeb, will introduce new storylines and more. There are also new companion characters and playable species coming soon.

It appears that Bioware certainly seem to be pushing to be the best MMO and with what they have in store that may be within reach.

Medal of Honor

Greg Goodrich, Executive Producer of Medal of Honor Warfighter was next. He started by saying that Medal of Honour introduced you to the Tier 1 operator, but this year planned to go global.

After showing the demo level of attacking a Somalian pirate stronghold the demo showed off the air strikes, unmanned ground vehicals and the stunning visuals and destruction of the Frostbite 2 engine.

Hopefully this title doesnt get swamped under the end of year rush. Warfighter is out October 23rd.


Andrew Wilson, Executive VP of EA SPORTS was up next on stage. He started by saying that all EA Sports titles have the one goal to connect people and to have one individual identity.

FIFA 13 will have an in game currency system which will allow you to buy pieces of kit and celebrations. As a Fifa fan this is certainly interesting.

All Fifa 12 profiles will continue to 13 with levels and season being transferred.

FIFA is looking smoother than ever. Polished interactions between players, slick footwork, and plenty of inspired goals.


UFC Ultimate Fighting Championships was then revealed with UFC president Dana White walking on stage.

Although not much was said it certainly seems it was well received in the conference room.


Need for Speed Most Wanted was next to be revealed with a more open world feel with bridges side streets and a multitude of different shortcuts the game also has a great look to it.

Out October 30th this is a must for racing fans.

Crysis 3

Finally Crysis 3 hit the stage with an explosive demo that showed off the main character swatting down helicopters like they were flies.

Crysis 3 certainly seems like it is going to be the corner stone of EA titles and is out February 2013.

EA defiantly has a big year ahead of it.

Edited On 04 Jun, 2012

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