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Ubisoft fully reveals Assassin’s Creed III [Updated with trailer and gameplay demo]

Ubisoft has today fully revealed Assassin’s 3, showing off a patriotic trailer that symbolises the game.Shown off in the trailer is the main protagonist Connor as he battles for US against the invading British. The trailer shows a lot of dead bodies and a lot of war as well as stealthy assassin kills. The trailer is capped of by a super hit by Conner with a bow and arrow.

Ubisoft also showcased a demo at the presser and it was jaw dropping to say the least. The level shows off the new weather conditions of snow and has Conner running through it to show off the new technical prowess of the new elements. From here Conner graces the trees and starts climbing, and traversing only to then kill and animal and skin it. Shown off is the dual wielding pistols to kill off some wolves looking for revenge. Conner then goes into a small camp and gets bombarded by people looking for help, this adds missions to the quest list and shows off the side mission aspect of the game.

Further to this Conner goes to the leader and discusses tactics for taking down an enemy leader. With the aim of the game being stealth in this mission Conner jumps into the trees and performs a guillotine kill. From there the player is tasked with typical combat from previous assassin’s game in being surrounded. From there it’s a race against time to kill the objective. The demo also highlights all the new animations that has been added to the assassin, this allows him to manoeuvre even more freer er than before.

Towns and cities are showcased and show a rich vibrant environment and setting. This is surely a very exciting game.

Check back for the trailer later.

Edited On 04 Jun, 2012

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