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Ubisoft E3 Press conference round-up

Ubisoft today showcased what’s to come from them. They showed off some cool games and announced some titles that will reach audiences worldwide. We saw titles announced for the WiiU and as well as current gen consoles and they did not disappoint. We watched the conference live and have the whole roundup of all the announcements below.

As the Ubisoft’s conference the stage was graced with nicely shaped women in tight short shorts and dancing to song included in the upcoming Just Dance 4. The game was announced there and then with a big fat WiiU trailer in the backdrop from here Flo Rida came onto the stage to finish off the performance. You can watch the trailer here.

From here Ubisoft unleashed the beast that is Far Cry 3. They showcased the amazingly visual graphical elements of the game, with the islands taking centre stage with realistic water effects and wildlife. From here the demo was focused on gameplay and showed traditional FPS gameplay. In addition to that the demo showed some narrative conventions, the main character is showed to have a psychological breakdown and is hunting down a villan of the island. The demo was capped of with a bit of story that adds an intriguing twist to the game.You can watch the amazing Far Cry 3 demo here.

Following on from that Ubisoft then did a double whammy of announcements and said their developing an Avengers game for the WiiU. This is WiiU title is in addition to the previously announced Just Dance 4. A small trailer for Avengers was shown. You can watch the trailer here.

Next up was Rayman Legends. This is the next Rayman title and Ubisoft took to the stage to demonstrate it on the WiiU. From here each of the 3 players were using the WiiU controller and all had a different character. Each character has a unique set of powers that can be used to help the party advance on the adventure. It shows of the playing with friends aspect of the WiiU and looks a new way to play games with friends. You can watch the demo here.

In addition to that Ubisoft announced another exclusive for the WiiU in the form of ZombiU. No other details of the game were present but we can assume what the game is about. You can watch the trailer here.

Next up we had the big boy, Assassin’s Creed 3. This game was the showcase of the Ubisoft presser and they showcased a new trailer for the game as well as demonstrating a demo. In the demo we got a look at the snowy terrain that will dominate the game throughout the adventure as well as animals and wildlife within the game. We also got a look at cities, people and commanders, in addition to that we saw several aspects of combat and stealthy combat. You can watch the full gameplay demo here.

At the end of the presser Ubisoft brought a new buy in to the table in the form of Watchdogs. The game is a third person shooter set in the far east and feature a crisp visual style. The game looks to be dealing with the criminal underbelly. You can watch the trailer and gameplay demos here.

Edited On 04 Jun, 2012

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