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Watch Dogs announced, looks incredible [Updated with trailer]

Ubisoft has announced a new title which seems to scaremonger are far as the internet is concerned.

In Watch Dogs the city becomes your weapons. The protagonist controls the infrastructure of those around him, allowing him to gain information on people and find anyone he wants.

Watch Dogs is a third person, open world game with a GTA feel to it. The graphics certainly look incredible and the city certainly seems to be bustling and full of life. It seems to be a lot more futuristic than GTA, with icons appearing at certain points which will allow you to hack and gain information.

The main character controls an entire surveillance system in the game, and use the computer system as a weapon once hacked. At one point in the video we even see our protagonist causing a car crash by hacking this very system.

We get the feeling that this game is going to be huge.

Edited On 04 Jun, 2012

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