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God of War: Ascension gets E3 debut, features jaw dropping gameplay [Updated with demo]

Sony today took the reign off God of War: Ascension and unleashed blood splurging gameplay in all its glory.

As the demo started Kratos unleashed a barrage of attacks on what appears to be a smoother frame rate for the game as well as smoother animations which give the game a eye pleasing aspect. From here a giant sea serpent destroys some of the area around Kratos and new accessory is revealed. Kratos can now reverse time to make new paths similar to what Prince of Persia done.

In addition to this the gameplay is your classic GoW gameplay as Kratos wields the blades of chaos. Further into the demo comes one of the game huge set piece. Kratos is flung around and ends up covered in blood, typical. The game looks to still have retained the scale aspect of it which was present in GoW3 and left players in awe.

It wouldn’t be GoW with out Kratos ripping apart something. The demo is capped off with Kratos using the blades to rip open a skull and reveal brains.

The game will launch March 12, 2013.

Check back later for full gameplay video.

Edited On 05 Jun, 2012

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