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WiiU to support Netflix, YouTube, also supports two gamepads

“WiiU changes your gaming, how you interact with your gaming friends and how you interact with your TV,” that’s what Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime said on the stage at E3 today.

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Video and more have all been confirmed for the new system, although this is not to be the focus today, instead it’ll be the 23 games which will appear on the stage during this very presentation.

Reggie also mentioned that WiiU hardware will support two separate gamepads, something we have briefly hinted at before.

The gamepad is also said to include stereo speakers, camera, rumble control and headphone jack.

Reggie also went on to talk about the MiiVerse, showing how Mii’s communicate via speech bubbles. These can be utilised by sending messages, drawing pictures or sending pictures from the game you are currently playing.

He also talked about how online services and how this will work within various games, such as the newly announced New Super Mario Bros.U.

We’ll post information on this particular game separately.

Edited On 05 Jun, 2012

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