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Nintendo announce NintendoLand

Nintendo today announced NintendoLand for the WiiU. A game which brings aspects of the Nintendo universe in one place for your Mii to visit.

You have different attractions that have themes from different games. Donkey Kong, and Zelda are the stand out attractions. The game utilises the several mini games you’d find at a real theme park, with a Nintendo twist. The game also features multiplayer so players can play competitively against other players. During the demo they also showed off all cross gameplay that can occur with people owning the Wii gamepad and Wii Controllers.

In specific demos they showcased Luigi’s Mansion. They describe that the person with the WiiU controller has a very important role to help the party succeed. Set up much like a maze, players run from the ghost and must rely on the person with the WiiU controller to help them find the ghost. It’s a fun concept and does exactly what the WiiU was made for in bringing a new gameplay experience to gaming.

Miiverse also has functionality in NintendoLand.

Check back later for the full trailer.

Edited On 05 Jun, 2012

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