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Topware Interactive announce Sacrilegium, coming to 360, PS3, PC

Topware Interactive has today announced a new survival horror to hit current gen consoles. The games title is Sacrilegium and will run on the GRACE 2 engine.

Topware has said that the game will have hours of cinematic horror and spine tingling gameplay. The PC version will also use new technology that tracks the movement of the players head resulting in the games viewpoint moving in sync.

“It pleased us that we succeeded to develop the GRACE 2 engine in a way, that enables us to present models and landscapes that make photos look like charcoal drawings compared to the game,” said studio head, Miroslaw Dymek.

“After all the years that we ‘ve dealt with the appearance of medieval stories, it was time to pool the experience acquired and integrate that into a modern action adventure. We’ve definitely achieved that with ‘Sacrilegium’.”

No release date for the game has been announced but check out the enigmatic screens below.

Edited On 06 Jun, 2012

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