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Konami release third PES 2013 E3 trailer, focuses on full manual passing and dynamic one-two

Konami is really spoiling us this E3. They’ve release a third trailer for the upcoming football sim, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013.

The video this time around focuses on two new aspects that Konami are bringing to the table in PES 2013. First up we have full manual passing. This feature is something that suits the Pro Evo series a lot, since the introduction of full 360 passing fans begged and begged for assistance to be turned off and now they get their wish. Konami tout this as giving the play complete control over passing and pace of passing, it will be interesting to try this feature out.

Second feature Konami show off is the dynamic first touch control. As it says, PES 2013 now gives instant control and allows the player to do flicks and feints on their first touch if they so wish. The results are evident by watching the video, gameplay looks more flowing that previous titles and the shake-up in PES productions looks to be paying off.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is due out later this year. Check out the trailer below.

Edited On 07 Jun, 2012

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