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Rhodes: PS4 games are in development

Sony Worldwide Studios US boss Scott Rhode has said that PS4 games are in development, although also added that the company has no need to talk about them at the moment.

Speaking in an interview with GameTrailers, Rhode confirmed that next-gen titles are something that Sony’s internal studios are working on.

“We’re not talking about when the machine is coming out, but I think anyone on the planet knows that, of course, games are in development.”

When asked why Sony didn’t take time to talk about these games or the system itself, Rhode added that “it’s just something that we didn’t feel was important to bring up this year.”

“We had probably five or ten other games that probably deserved stage time today that didn’t get it.”

Rhode also mentioned that “PlayStation 2 still sells well in some parts of the world,” adding that Sony are “still supporting that to a degree.”

“It’s the way this company is set up – to handle those sorts of things – so it’s not something we’re concerned about.”

Edited On 08 Jun, 2012

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