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EA Sports “well prepared” for next gen FIFA

EA Sports says it’s “very well prepared” to match its main rival, Pro Evolution Soccer, when the next-generation of consoles finally arrive.

It’s already been hinted at by Konami that future versions of the game will run on the impressive looking Fox Engine, which is currently under wraps at Kojima Productions.

That’s not worrying EA Sports though, since the label also feels like it’s prepared for the next generation of consoles.

“We are working diligently,” boss Andrew Wilson has told CVG when questioned about its preparation for the next-gen. “We learnt a lot through the last transition and we have not rested on our laurels once. I think right now we are the people’s game. We have a responsibility and an obligation to them to continue to deliver great games and in the advent of a new console cycle I think we are very well prepared to deliver against that.”

Wilson also goes on to say that EA Sports will be on the right track when the time comes to time to step up, since they are on that very track now.

“When we think of the next generation platforms it’s about how we engage you while you’re in front of the television and while you’re away from the television,” he said, “what part your iPhone plays in the overall experience, what part your tablet plays, how you rally an entire community on Facebook to do things that help you when you get back to your console experience.

“How does that become your central hub for the management of a whole world filled with millions of players that are getting promoted and relegated in virtual football leagues, that are impacted by the real world of football that are following the heartbeat of the season? That’s what the future looks like, and the good news is, that’s what we’re doing now.”

The exec claimed EA’s “worked diligently” to do things right now, concluded that “As we get more processing power and integrated connection between these platforms, our job only gets easier.

“The things that are challenging to us as we work around systems to deliver things… All of a sudden the doors fly open and we can deliver gamers even more compelling and engaging experiences that expand across platforms, geographies, business models and ultimately throughout years where again, what FIFA is doing this year you never have to reset your level again.

“I fully expect Konami and everyone else to come into a next generation console cycle doing the best they possibly can. We wouldn’t expect anything different, but we’re going to be right there.”

So does that mean that this years version is simple a stepping stone to the real changes? Well, you can decide that one for yourself.

Edited On 11 Jun, 2012

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